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With ABUS lightweight mobile gantry (LPK) you can easily lift loads of up to 2t. The ABUS LPK can be moved easily and is therefore always available wherever you need it, quickly and efficiently.

  • Load capacity (SWL) up to 2000kg
  • Total height up to 5000mm
  • Total width in accordance with load capacity (SWL):

Load capacity (SWL)

Max. total width

250 kg                  
500 kg                  
800 kg                  
1000 kg                  
1250 kg                  
1600 kg                  
2000 kg                  

7900 mm
7000 mm
6500 mm
6300 mm
5650 mm
5000 mm
4000 mm

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Lightweight Mobile Gantry

The ABUS lightweight mobile gantry: Strong performance and high mobility

A lightweight mobile gantry promises maximum performance whenever you need it. The flexibility and mobility of the ABUS mobile gantries are their greatest advantage. They are generally used whenever occasional lifting of loads is necessary, the crane performance is needed at multiple workplaces or the installation of a slewing jib crane or overhead travelling crane would not be a practical solution.

The mobile gantry promises you maximum performance without limiting the rest of your indoor operations. It is easy to move and, thanks to its practical design, can easily travel over workplaces. During design you can specify the height and width of the gantry, this means the lightweight mobile gantry perfectly meets your individual requirements.

We manufacture your lightweight mobile gantry in height and width according to your individual requirements. The maximum width (maximum beam lengths) is 7900mm (depending on the load capacity), the maximum height is 5000mm and the maximum load capacity is 2000kg.

ABUS lightweight mobile gantry is always quickly on hand

The ABUS lightweight mobile gantry is equipped with four steerable wheels and two 90° direction locks (with wheel stop and swivel stop) as standard. This makes it possible for just one person to push the LPK to its workplace by hand. The wheels have a diameter of 200mm and are made of high-strength polyamide.

Lightweight mobile gantries can be used for a wide range of applications. Whether it is used for repair work, as a workshop crane, for changing moulds on plastic injection moulding machines or in storage technology - this mobile gantry crane is quickly on hand anywhere it is needed. ABUS LPK is not only mobile, but also particularly stable and powerful thanks to its solid section main beam.

The lightweight gantry cranes are equipped with tried and tested ABUS hoist, of which thousands of units are currently in use in the market: ABUS electric chain hoist is available with either a manual or an electric trolley and can have the power supply as either a festoon cable or a conductor system. Other options and configurations also available.

Lightweight mobile gantry from ABUS Crane Systems

For many years, ABUS have been one of the leading manufacturers of crane systems and components. Eilbeck offer installation, testing and commissioning on ABUS cranes and then later on the maintenance and repair.

Additionally, Eilbeck offer you further crane technology and hoists, such as a wall-mounted jib cranes with a load capacity of up to 5t or floor mounted pillar jib cranes with a load capacity of up to 6.3t and a jib length of up to 10m (depending on the load capacity) or alternatively overhead travelling cranes of up to 120t. Contact us for more options.

Simply arrange a non-binding consultation. The responsible Eilbeck Cranes contact person will be glad to advise you on your options for using a lightweight mobile gantry.


ABUS LPK mobile gantry Flyer


ABUS LPK Mobile Gantry Flyer

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ABUS Electric chain hoists (ABUCompact)


ABUS Electric Chain Hoists (ABUCompact)

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